Dr. Tom Wagy on Government and the Declaration of Independence

Dr. Tom Wagy gave a brief presentation to the Texarkana Oaklawn Rotary club today to speak about government.

First, Dr. Wagy illustrated the most popular government hierarchies in history, in both the traditional “top down” layout, and the new and less common nontraditional “bottom up” ideals.   Dr. Wagy did a good job showing us how special the two way relationship our government really is, and how it has made our government so unique.

After showing the big picture “power flow” differences our goverment champions, Dr. Wagy took our group through his basic outline of the Declaration of Independence,  highlighting its foundation of being “of the people and for the people”.

Dr. Wagy also took us back in time and reminded us of what emotions the signers of this important document must have felt, as they put their names and lives on this document.

We were also reminded that it is our honor and duty to keep our government in check, and if it were to ever digress into anything less than a government run by and for the people, that we are to stand up for our country, and its true heritage.

Thank you for taking the time to present this lecture to our club Dr. Wagy!

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