Texarkana Friendship Center: Rev. Bryan Bixler

Rev. Bryan Bixler

Rev. Bryan Bixler came to the Texarkana Oaklawn Rotary Club today to share about the the Texarkana Friendship Center, and its role in serving our community.

Mr. Bixler did a great job illustrating the various key differences in their ministry from other important local services, like Randy Sams and Harvest Texarkana, highlighting the vital roles that each organization play in meeting the needs of our community.

The Friendship Center is located in downtown Texarkana close to the library at 620 West 4th street, and is a faith based “good Samaritan” style ministry, with a focus on crisis intervention. They do their best to help people going through a difficult transition period, or a rough spot in their life, get the guidance, emotional and financial support they need to make it through.

While the Friendship Center does provide meals twice a day for the hungry, a good deal of their other programs, like their grocery style food bags and vocational training programs, are primarily focused on assisting people and/or families that have some form of housing and a kitchen to prepare food, but are unable to buy groceries, or meet their other basic needs.

The Texarkana Oaklawn Rotary club takes our collective hats off to Bryan, and the other hard working members of the Friendship Center. We appreciate the unique service they are offering this community, and we are thankful for the love they are showing to the hurting people of our community!

Thank you Bryan for the wonderful reminder that we should not wait until a family is forced into the street, to lend them a helping hand!

For more information, visit www.tfci.org.

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