Leadership Texarkana: Ruth Ellen Whitt

It was our pleasure to welcome Ruth Ellen Whitt from Leadership Texarkana today. She spoke about the need to unify Texarkana’s leaders to get real change accomplished.

If you would like to express your personal commitment to this cause, please sign the petition “Change the Way We Do Business” on change.org.

Leadership Texarkana is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to developing a diverse group of leaders to serve in the Texarkana area. The Leadership Texarkana program is designed to connect individuals from various backgrounds, professional levels, and organizations. Program participants are cultivated to serve the region by exposing these leaders to critical issues in the development and growth of our community with economic development, industry, health care, education, politics and service opportunities.

For more information about Leadership Texarkana, check out their website at leadershiptexarkana.com.

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