Texarkana College President: James Henry Russell

Texarkana College President James Henry Russell

If you live in or around the Texarkana area, I am sure you have read and/or heard about the current financial issues facing Texarkana College.

You probably are probably also aware of the upcoming ballot measure looking to increase the size of the taxable area around Texarkana College.  James Henry Russell visited our club today to answer our questions about this measure, and to remind us how important TC is to our community.

Although Mr. Russell admitted financial mismanagement has played a key role in the issues at hand, he also reminded us that TC’s decreasing federal funding is a major cause for the drop in revenue, and a great number of hard changes and decisions have been made to reverse the trend on heavy spending.

Mr. Russell reminded us, that as little as $8 per month, or $100 per year, per $100,000 valuation of property value, can secure the future role of Texarkana College in our community.   Mr. Russell stopped short of saying the college doors would shut without this increase, but he did assure us that without the increase, the college would not be able to operate as it does today.

If you would like more facts about the annexation, please visit texarkanacollege.edu/annexation, or email gotocollege@texarkanacollege.edu.

Thank you for speaking to us today Mr. Russell!

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